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Research Center Borstel

The Research Center Borstel is the Leibniz Association's Lung Research Center. It investigates diseases associated with civilisation, such as asthma and allergies as well as lung infections, especially tuberculosis (TB). The overriding goal of the interdisciplinary and translational research activities is to elucidate the causes and mechanisms of infectious and non-infectious chronic inflammatory diseases of the lung in order to derive new innovative concepts for their prevention, diagnosis and therapy.

The Research Center Borstel hosts both the National Reference Laboratory for Mycobacteriology and the WHO Supranational TB Reference Laboratory. It is specialised on work methodologies comprising all areas of mycobacterial diagnostics, including rapid biomolecular detection of pathogens, differentiation of mycobacterial types and species, as well as resistance testing.  The Center provides expertise acquired over many years of experience in the field of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based resistance testing, both in the clinical setting and within the research group on molecular and experimental mycobacteriology.

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