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Landmark Meetings and CPA Team Constitution

The overall goal of CPA is to promote and nurture collaborative research, and thereby to initiate and establish a network for the coordinated optimization of anti-infective drug therapy culminating in raising overall awareness of means to better understand and combat resistance in the treatment of infectious diseases.

Last year in July, following a competitive selection procedure, three PhD candidates from Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia were nominated for the CPA research programme. Shortly afterwards, local supervisors also joined the team.

Two key meetings resulted in closer cooperation between the teams of researchers from Germany and three countries of sub-Saharan Africa. The GHPP CPA multinational team was fully constituted over Skype, in July 2017, when researchers formally met face-to-face for the first time (Fig. 1; Meeting organized at AiBST in Harare). A further landmark meeting took place later on in the same year: BfArM’s key collaborator, Prof. Masimirembwa of AiBST, travelled to Bonn in August 2017. Together with the German research/project team they shaped the way forward for the students and project (Fig 2; Project planning meeting organized at BfArM in Bonn).

Towards/for the implementation of CPA, significant research expertise will be integrated into this collaborative approach and individual research project development, in line with country-related (postgraduate, academic) requirements. The current frame has been outlined to enable investigations into specific research questions relevant to local needs towards advancing current know-how and strengthening capacity for the optimal/judicious use of anti-infective medicines in the region.