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EFFO: Efficiency by Edification

Transcultural Train-the-Trainer Network for the Management of Biological Events in hospitals and clinics

Short description

The EFFO-2 project aims to strengthen the health care systems in partner countries by means of a transcultural training network focused on disease outbreaks. To this end, there are plans to establish a training venue as well as to collaborate with a French-speaking hospital in Africa. The target group consists of medical staff, in this case mainly clinical personnel. Trainers are provided with support and links to an international network.

The EFFO-2 project implements the findings of the EFFO-1 research project which was launched in 2014 by the Federal Ministry of Health to prepare hospital personnel for highly infectious diseases with a West African focus. EFFO is an associated partner of the ESTHER-clinic partnership in Rwanda with the Institute of Tropical Medicine and International Health of the Charité in Berlin.

Aims of the project

  • Cross-linking und strengthening of expertise (trainer network)
  • Early detection, assessment, and control of highly contagious and life-threatening diseases
  • Promoting infection prevention, laboratory diagnostics, reporting systems, and basic hygiene
  • Transnational intervention teams from the trainer network helping to combat biological events


Supporting institution

Robert Koch Institute

Partner countries

Burkina Faso, Senegal, Rwanda

Partner institutions

  • STAKOB (Permanent Working Group of Competence and Treatment Centres for high consequence infectious diseases at the RKI)
  • Festspielhaus Afrika gGmbH / Opera Village Africa (Operndorf Afrika)