Online Trainings for Rwandan Health Workers: Treatment Methods for COVID-19

Online trainings for Rwandan health workers: Treatment methods for COVID-19

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In Rwanda, the incidence unexpectedly rose sharply again in June 2021 and reached a plateau of 700-950 new cases / day with a presumably high number of unreported cases. The main challenges in the country are the long distances that patients have to cover in rural regions in order to reach the district hospitals with oxygen supply. Together with the long-term EFFO partner, the Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC), and Dr. Menelas Nkeshimana, contributor to the Joint Task Force COVID-19 set up by the Ministry of Health, online training courses on the clinical management of COVID-19 were organized – the content was designed by the Medical Clinic for Infectious Diseases, Pulmonology and Anesthesia of the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

A total of 130 doctors and nurses took part in 4 meetings in August on the subjects of “Initial respiratory assessment and care”, “First procedures in case of respiratory deterioration: Non-invasive ventilatory support”, “Basic treatment and cure under non-ICU conditions” and “Stabilization of a critical patient for referral with ambulance”.

Especially when discussing case studies, there was an intensive exchange between the speakers and participants on the realities of care in the country and the treatment experiences of the past few months. In the future, further training units, which can be called up if required, are planned as a contribution to a solidarity-based global pandemic management.

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