WHO AMR Surveillance Network’s Work is Impacted by COVID-19

WHO AMR Surveillance Network’s work is impacted by COVID-19.

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COVID-19 has diverted most members‘ and the Network Coordinator’s capacities since February 2020. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), WHO and members have been liaising around how to maintain the Network’s activities while supporting priority COVID-19 efforts.

The workplan is currently being updated again in light of limited capacities. The RKI Network coordinator has been sharing resources on AMR and COVID-19 to members, supporting COVID-19 developments through membership in the WHO Infection and Prevention Control (IPC) Network, and is planning an information-sharing teleconference for members on AMR and COVID-19.

The RKI Network Coordinator and WHO have been preparing for a Network conference, which was scheduled for October 2020 in Sweden. Due to COVID-19, the Network Coordinator is currently looking into virtual alternatives.

Date: June 2020

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