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IDentification of Emerging Agents

Short description

The early identification of the pathogen plays an important role in controlling outbreaks of infectious diseases. The IDEA project will strengthen the diagnostic capacity for rapid detection of emerging infectious diseases in partner countries and will gradually expand to include public health-relevant pathogens.

Through community studies on the occurrence of pathogens in the partner country and by increasing existing diagnostic methods, country-specific questions are being developed with regard to the characterization of highly pathogenic infectious diseases. The staff is trained in the new diagnostic methods and learns to use them routinely.

In addition the project targets emerging infectious diseases that have yielded a negative result using the available diagnostic methods, but which produce symptoms typical of the disease in multiple patients. In partnership, scientists from the partner institutions are involved in all steps of pathogen identification and isolation and, together with the scientists at the RKI, develop new diagnostic test systems that are able to identify the novel pathogens.

Aims of the project

  • Support the elucidation and investigation of public health-relevant viral outbreaks in the partner country


Supporting institution

Robert Koch Institute

Partner countries

Sri Lanka

Partner institutions

University of Colombo, local hospitals