Cross-Project Enquiry into e-LEARNing Concepts Towards Supporting Sustainable Capacity Building in the Context of GHPP

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Challenges Addressed by the Project

Capacity building is an important component of GHPP projects. It requires training and mentoring, learning and practice, and constant exchange. Due to time, cost or environmental reasons, this cannot always take place face-to-face. Therefore, the use of electronic forms and means of communication plays an important role in teaching and learning in the GHPP context. Lessons learned during our constant exchange within our project partners, feedback received from partner institutions and consultations with the World Health Organization (WHO) suggest that high-quality training and innovative learning opportunities should be available on a continuous basis. These are necessary to ensure that knowledge is built up, is widely available and shared during and beyond the duration of existing training courses so that capacity building activities can have an enduring effect.

Project Structure and Activities


GHPP LEARN is an exploratory project that aims to foster actions in teaching and learning within GHPP in a targeted, sustainable manner. GHPP projects use a range of communication and learning platforms, but these do not always fully cover the specific needs of training and exchange. LEARN seeks to specifically identify and address needs of the participating partner countries. Just like face-to-face interaction, e-learning is more likely to be transferred into practice if tailored to the needs of research institutions, laboratories, and others which may derive benefit from them. Understanding and using different learning strategies can play a fundamental role in helping us to further adapt and develop our training activities, including e-learning.

To achieve further coherence in collaborative approaches in the future, LEARN will assess the state of play in e-learning. LEARN aims to identify challenges and remaining gaps, and provide recommendations on how to use electronic tools for teaching, learning and communication relevant to the programme and the multinational community of partners.


  • Overall, LEARN aims to support new developments in electronic forms of learning and communication for the benefit of capacity building actions across GHPP projects.
  • Further, it should enable development of learning strategies that can be applied to diverse thematic areas, and should further strengthen our potential to achieve greater impact in a scalable manner.
  • The project is a fact-finding mission which aims to further advance exchange and learning in the GHPP context, and to integrate knowledge meaningfully. Recommendations developed in LEARN will timely/possibly inform GHPP actions beyond 2020.

Last update: December 2022



01.01.2020 - 31.12.2022


ca. 57,000 EUR

Partner Countries

  • Worldwide

In Cooperation with

  • World Health Organization (WHO), Switzerland
  • Focus on institutions in projects’ partner countries
  • GHPP-Office at the Robert Koch Institute, Germany

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