Immunological Association Studies in Unit 15 – Viral Gastroenteritis and Hepatitis Pathogens and Enteroviruses

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Guest scientist from Nigeria in front of the RKI, Seestraße (Source: RKI)

Olusola Anouluwapo Akanbi is a guest researcher from Nigeria, she will spend 5 months 01.06.2020 – 31.10.2020 at the RKI in Unit 15 (Gastroenteritis and Hepatitis Pathogens and Enteroviruses). She has previously worked on molecular characterisation of hepatitis viruses in Nigeria and is currently doing more in-depth molecular studies as well as immunological association studies especially for hepatitis B and E viruses. Her doctoral research focuses on” Virus-Host interactions of Hepatitis Viruses in Nigeria”.

Date: July 2020

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