Seven Years of Joint Project Work – A Review

PASQUALE was invited to write a review for the International Journal of Microbiology to share successes and challenges experienced in the process of implementing its project on sustainable improvement of hand hygiene. As such, the article delivers valuable guidance for other projects working in this field.

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Across the globe, hand hygiene is promoted to fight the spread of healthcare associated infections. Despite multiple ongoing hand hygiene campaigns and projects, healthcare associated infection rates remain high especially in low- and middle-income countries.

The text depicts the project journey since 2017, when PASQUALE has been expanding its work in the region of Faranah in Guinea and from one prefecture to all four. This narrative review gives a historical summary of the project objectives and framework to offer guidance for other projects aiming at sustainably improving hand hygiene. In the last few years, PASQUALE has gained visibility in the region of Faranah with the approved expansion and official inclusion of actors from the Guinean Ministry of Health. The aim was to align activities with national guidelines.

Finally, the accomplishments and successes of PASQUALE were made possible by strong and participatory teamwork.

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    Anna Borodova
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    Sophie Müller

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Borodova, A., Diallo, A. A., Wood, R., Tounkara, O., Rocha, C., Bayo, M., Landsmann, L., Cherif, S.C., Borchert, M., Meinus, C., Nabé, I., Doumbouya, S., Diallo, K.M., Diallo, M., Arvand, M., Müller, S.A. (2024). PASQUALE – A long-term partnership to improve hand hygiende and capacity building in infection prevention and control in the Faranah region of Guinea. International Journal of Microbiology, 314.

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